Saint-Ange Residency 01

From the Architect,

This is monolithic architecture, a silent piece of art, made entirely from wood, with a natural finish on the inside and a black asphalt finish on the outside.

Saint-Ange Residency 03

During the daytime, multiple openings on the facade allow the light to pour into the living rooms, the studio and the two levels above – from 3 different directions.

Saint-Ange Residency 03

At night, the wood blinds treated with the exact same finish as the facade hide the windows and allow the monolith to become all black and quiet once again.

Project Details

  • Project: Saint-Ange Residency
  • Owner: Colette Tornier
  • Location: Seyssins, France
  • Architect: Studio Odile Decq
  • General Contractor: SEMA
  • Structural work: Soraetec
  • Structure Contractor: BOIS CONSEIL
  • Year Completed: 2015
  • Country: France


Saint-Ange Residency Gallery


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