Honeycombs, one of the oldest architectural concepts known, inspired this design of a flexible shelving system. Of course we had to call it HONEYCOMB. The individual units are made from rotation-molded, thin walled polyethylene resulting in an exceptional transparency and rigidity. A straightforward riveting system allows for an efficient and reversible installation with unlimited and flexible compositions.

HONEYCOMB ensures an enhanced structural capacity that allows stacking up to 7 meters in two directions and even allow the removal of units within a built wall to create ‘windows’. So keep your things in place, your peeping neighbors out or your friends in and make your own humming environment…

Product Details

  • Product: Honeycombs
  • Brand: Quinze & Milan
  • Designer: Clive Wilkinson
  • Country: US
  • Price:
  • Availability:
  • Source: http://www.quinzeandmilan.tv/products/honeycomb

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