La Lampe 01

The solar-powered, autonomous illuminating object draws its influences from the historical streets of paris, where by night, luminosity drew people into the streets for which the french capital has now been nicknamed the ‘city of light’.

The design has been conceived to fit into both indoor and outdoor environments through a streamlined form. weatherproof so it holds-up against the elements, ‘la lampe paris’ can be customized through 26 different combinations (a black or white frame and base, and 13 color fabric shades) and works on a modular system which sees it functioning as both a hanging (it comes with an adaptable hook for easy handling and hanging); or standing lamp (adjustable to two different heights, 130 cm or 170 cm), accompanied by a 360 degree adjustable multi-position lampshade.

Product Details

  • Product: La Lampe
  • Supplier: Maiori
  • Designer:
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  • Price: €329.00
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